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Mark Williams and Julie Walters behind the scenes of Bill&Fleur’s wedding

This should have just been put in the movie, as mr and mrs weasley probably dance just like this.

Her dress is GORGEOUS!

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threw a boomerang like 6 years ago and it never came back so now I live in constant fear

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it’s september!!!! my birthday is in 8 days!!!!!!


have you ever had to restart a song because you spaced out and weren’t appreciating it enough

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lvminxsce sent: WAIT YOU WERE THE CUTIE TAV I SAID HI TO TODAY OMG (i was the lady with white bones in her hair and all green dress with gold trimmmmm walking around with an Aoba ;3;)

oh hi!! :D thank you!!

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basically my life can be summed up in alternating periods of Linda Belcher’s “Alriiiiight!” and Bob Belcher’s “Oh my god”

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I’ve never met cr1tikal but I trust him.

I feel if I was in any horror situation I would be so safe and calm because with any other person they would be screaming and crying but if he and I were trapped in a building surrounded by ravenous mutants he would just be deadpan like “they are so rude I can’t believe this. Let’s blow this Popsicle stand.”

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Omnimon / Omegamon

Remember that time reblogging saved the world?

considering it was the dialup age, I think all those IMs made the enemy experience extreme lag

yes it did that was literally the exact plot they sent him so many emails he couldnt move

i hate when i lose things at school like my pencils and papers and life ambitions

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I’m sorry I will never get over the fact that Jack Skellington made a halloween decoration based on Roxas

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